DE1816 Disk Enclosure
  • 16 SATA HDDs,up to 8TB for each HDD
  •  2×48Gbps Mini SAS HD ports
  • high performance 12Gbps SAS-3 technology provides superior performance experience
  • Redundant power supplies
  • The hot-swappable power supply is designed in redundancy and load balancing mode. Automatic power switching in case of failure and online replacement of failed power supply are supported
  • Power protection Disk powered on sequentially during system startup, protection from impulse current.
  • Multistage fan speed and energy saving Fans with multistage speed are configured in the hot-swappable frame in redundancy mode
  • System power consumption can be balanced intelligently with heat dissipation calculation to ensure dissipation calculation to low power consmpution and stable operation of the system 





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