Device Pack

Device Pack

Device Pack Key Features
  • Designed specifically for VIVOTEK’s VAST, NVRs and Shepherd 2
  • Device Pack can directly enable camera settings for VIVOTEK network cameras
  •  As most configuration values of the Device Pack are identical to those found
  • n VIVOTEK’s network camera webpage, users can save
  • time when installing and setting up their cameras
  • Day/Night settings (Switch B/W mode, IR cut filter, Light sensor sensitivity, External IR illuminator in night mode, IR LED)
  • Application (DI/DO trigger status settings. Motion detection)
  • VIVOTEK VAST V1.10 or above.
  • VIVOTEK NVR: ND8321, ND8322P, ND8422P, ND9441, ND9541, NR9581, NR9681.
  • VIVOTEK Shepherd V2.0.0.6 or above

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