CCTV and DVR as an integrated system has several fixtures are:

  1. Camera CCTV
  2. DVR (Digital Video Recorder)


CCTV camera is functioning as a picture taker, there are several types of cameras that differentiate in terms of quality, the use and function 2 most important thing is, camera CCTV analog and Camera CCTV Network where analog cameras using a solid Kable for each camera means, every the camera will be connected to the DVR or system directly while the Network Camera or commonly called IP cameras, can use the network, which means it will save in terms of installation because it is parallel and branching network does not require a special cable for each camera in accessing.

Camera CCTV


DVR (Digital Video Recorder). This is the system used by CCTV cameras to record all the images sent by the camera in this system are many features that can be utilized for supplementary security, one of which is to record all events and the results of these recordings were used in court to prove an event in a camera system, the number and quality of the recording will be determined by this DVR.